K. Silem Mohammad
ISBN 978-1-890311-23-0

80 pgs

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They say Auden was the first poet to be utterly at home in the modern
world. Mohammad is the first to be utterly unimaginable in any other.
His poems communicate a total, infectious joy at being alive _today_,
in our F'ed-up pluriverse of words and deeds. F in this case being
Flarf, a four-letter word for our time.
--Benjamin Friedlander

Does K. Silem Mohammad have a second life as noise band virtuoso, DJ, and
symphony conductor? What in the name of aural excitation is he doing to our
innocent, insane, difficult words? Surround-sound echoes, unfamiliar and
fearsome, "wank the spread of prominent grooves" messing up the turntables thatdate back to the smorgasbord. History, move on or get your breath tested now! Breathalyzer has infected my brain with the ebullience of anything improbable, inglorious, and hopelessly close to reality.  Consider the following:
"I am at war/ therefore I am in a polling booth." You better read this
gorgeous book.
                      --Carla Harryman

Goofy, weird, beyond funny, wise, wicked, K. Silem Mohammad is the
exorcist giving us all a ride home. Beyond the pale, right with it,
he's my poet laureate for our frightening state of the union.
                       --Linh Dinh




I attended a riot out of that curiosity which is not basic.

But the day trip was a chance to step foot and wander.

The external journey from there to here.

This is business.

Cave dwellers were small and hairy and exploited.

They would never blur something like that out.

The film doesn’t really work at all if you think.

Ghost of a transcendental meaning.

Hugh Hefner is alive, American, modern, trustworthy.

Innocent. Which he was, once.

There is one thing I resent deeply.

The lone hamster operating his mind seeking a refugee status.

Naso was by him banished in his old age.

The story will continue to present some surprises.

Flying to Africa to open a bank account.

There is no kind of universal reference.

That would obviously be a bad situation.

But everyone was familiar with it.

11am: chickens nearby eating from a garbage heap.

Les parties de ce message comportant autre texte.

But it was the language. By the way.

The airship closes its hatch.

We'll now presume you are sitting far far away.

How many of us here have lived?

I press submit and nothing happens.

Out of the city, I would have plenty of both.

Each chapter of this story is being told by children.

As a Mexican, I want to hear this.