Catalytic Exteriorization Phenomenon

Mel Nichols

ISBN 13: 978-1-890311-30-8

98 pgs, Cover by the author

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Maybe we had it all wrong. Maybe it’s all exterior. Maybe certain hierarchies fall when everything—found and unfound—gets in. Maybe not as things, but as “as octopus / on the porch snow / still now a comma / a ticket a timetable.” Or maybe “We are going to get serious [page break] about project management / we are going to spend a lot of money on project / management software to prove it.” Maybe we are. Maybe Mel Nichol’s Catalytic Exteriorization Phenomenon is just that.

                                                 —Robert Fitterman

In Mel Nichols’ uncanny world each day unfolds into the next line and then into inexplicable music. We find: “the body / with handfuls of / white petals / dropping on the long / dark keys of spring.” Wow. Her voice is acute, active, up close, and magisterial all at once. A dazzling achievement.

                                                 —Peter Gizzi


so if the


lived with me

in the converted barn

along with a lover a dog a race car


among others

and other things

we had to scrub the data

today   we had to give

the dog a bath today

wash the dog's bed

brush my teeth and so on


we are not flattened as much as by work