Drew Gardner
ISBN: 978-1-890311-47-6

88 pgs, Cover: Emma Tapley, Cultivating the Empty Field, 2016,

oil on panel, 24" x 30"

Design and typesetting by Deirdre Kovac.

$16 postpaid



You should wake up worried, terrified every morning.

Children study black holes.
They write programs that made their names
scroll down the screen.

You’re not going to make it better
by adding the intersection of animadversions

and whatever they can euthanize.

I spent summers at my grandfather’s ranch,
laying pipe and inseminating cattle with my thoughts.

I stayed out all night to collect a fare.

I often show intense scientific interests.
I rigged an electric alarm to keep my
younger siblings from finding out about Abu Ghraib.

I have a license for love.

I was developing space hotels,
space amusement parks
and space colonies for two or three
thousand billionaires orbiting the Earth.
The planet will become a park for them.

Warehouses do not constitute a physical presence.

Imagine spending all day talking about tears of pain,

fixated on big goals and grand schemes.