Dick Cheney's Heart

Heather Fuller

ISBN: 978-1-890311-41-4

88 pgs, Cover by Jesse Hill and Audrey Hunter

$12.50 direct from Aerial/Edge

Hasn't Dick Cheney enjoyed his moment, you may ask, dear reader. Yes, but like any great villain, he returns. Dick Cheney’s Heart takes a road trip between Baltimore and the Carolina Coast and meets Dick Cheney, Michael Vick, and Sarah Palin along the way, but also hunkers down with

strippers, grifters, a cigar model, and quite a few pit bulls. It is a ballad to big cities and rural backwaters that resemble each other more every day and a memoir of citizenship amid epidemic public/private recklessness. Dick Cheney’s Heart is a pulse-check for the rogue heart of a country caught between spectacular treasons and inestimable heroics.

hanger sorter

the penalty for overkill in the closed-circuit

speed-dropped size-counts predictive bottom-feeder

failed high school reunion in the oil drum faded town


you will wade the carpeted urine light

you will wear security tags in every orifice

your bread will be the dipped snuff of habit

you will monger your neck to the floorplan

and be paid in secondhand last-minutes

needless to say

you are an excellent risk