Flarf: An Anthology of Flarf
edited by Drew Gardner, Nada Gordon, Sharon Mesmer,

K. Silem Mohammad, and Gary Sullivan
ISBN 978-1-890311-46-9, 288 pgs


$24.00 direct from Edge Books


Stan Apps

Free Dolphin Radio
The Kooky Languages

John and Joe and James

We Try 2 Be Me


Anne Boyer

Dear Yasser,
The Techno Utopians

The Aisle of Men
In the Working Day

Dear Diary

Brandon Brown

Catullus 99 (9 Translations for the Flarf List)

Maria Damon

Porblems Galore
The Asspanty Graveyard

Jordan Davis

On an ’87 Ford Taurus Left Taillight

Pablo Escobar Shopping T-Shirt

The Love Boat
Let’s Look at That Cut, Shall We

Disney Vengeance

Grandfather Dude

Rec Room Svengali

Katie Degentesh

I Sometimes Tease Animals

My Soul Sometimes Leaves My Body
At Times I Have Fits of Laughing and Crying That I Cannot Control
I See Things or Animals or People Around Me That Others Do Not See I Loved My Father
The Only Miracles I Know of Are Simply Tricks That People Play on      One Another
My Sleep Is Fitful and Disturbed
I Wanted to Feel Closer to God
I Felt Sorry for the Person
My Friends Were Having Sex and I Wanted to Fit In I Was Horny

Benjamin Friedlander
Biological or Social Female Parent of a Child or Offspring and Its            Poetry

Why Do the Jews Reject Jesus as Their Savior?
Somebody Blew up America
When a Cop Sees a Black Woman
Female Factory
Joe Lieberman

Christopher Funkhouser


Drew Gardner

Chicks Dig War

I Am So Stupid
Skylab Wolverine Bunny Cage Nub
John Denver Wawa Shadow Puppet Government

Why Do I Hate Flarf So Much?
It Gets Very Quiet When You Kill Your Boss
How to Watch a Police Beating
Super Star
Guys Like Terrorism
Pop Rocks

Nada Gordon

I Love Men
Unicorn Believers Don’t Declare Fatwas
Unicorn Believers Don’t Dawdle Audibly
I Was Making Some Tuna Melts
I Want to Be Forever Infantilized by a Bunch of Goons

Asia (After William Blake)
Vacantly Imperious
Hot Town

K. Lorraine Graham

Archive for the General Hilarity Category
You can actually find me at various taco shops or tucked away in my

      bedroom studio
You Don’t Beat the Devil by Writing Editorials

Mitch Highfill

Flarftropia: Towards an Ecology of Flarf

Snot Viscosity
Moths Drink the Tears of Sleeping Birds

Rodney Koeneke

Pizza Kitty
Chary as Gary
My Year in the Poultry Industry

Rules for Drinking Forties

Humanism Is Cheese
Happy Xmas
Gary Sullivan
Indignant Puppies
Tiny Spark

Bill Luoma

from The Concept of Mass

Michael Magee

Mainstream Poetry
Fascist Fairytales #2
Landscape with the Fall of Snoop Dog
from My Angie Dickinson
Why *I* Am Not a Painter
Is It Just Me or Is Lebanon Starting to Look a Little Foxy?

Nerf Land
The Dog Fox

Sharon Mesmer

Annoying Diabetic Bitch

Juan Valdez Has a Little Juan Valdez (i.e., Energy Cannon)

    in His Pants

A Unicorn Boner for Humanity
Squid Versus Assclown
Fascist Girlfriend

I Never Knew an Orgy Could Be So Much Work

To My Jesus in Lint Form
I Chose the Wrong Power Animal
The Swiss Just Do Whatever

Non-Pimpin’ Huggy Bear
What Happens if Your Eyeball Falls Out of the Socket?

Why Am I Still Angry with William Blake?

K. Silem Mohammad

Mars Needs Terrorists

“The swans come hither in great numbers”

Exorcist Voice
I Said to Poetry
Happiness Is
The Game
Yankee Doodle Fuck Machine
A Walrus Doing a Duck
Poems about Trees
from The Sonnagrams

Mel Nichols
I’m Sorry I Broke the Glockenfish

When the Kitteh Parks the Ship

Let’s Have a Meeting
Please Remove Me from This List

Poems About Squoats

Dwarves That Didn’t Make the Cut

I Google Myself

Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl

Let’s Not Eat Jesus

A Poem about Calamities

Rod Smith

Moist Feelings: A Love Poem

The Przewalskist Manifesto

Me’s Wittl Birdy Bong Stowy

This Is Such Total Bullshit

Parent-Teacher Conference

Elitist Crap Bag

from Snips
Police said.
from What’s the Deal?

Christina Strong

I Am 30 Sum Sine Waves Old Now and I Have Still Not Figured                out Douching . . .

Gary Sullivan

Why I Am Not a Poet
That a Hamster Could Be President

Grandma’s Labia
Own Face
Varieties of Religious Experience

Four Lectures
Plop Takes
Personal Poem

Edwin Torres

Instant Fate Lift

Elisabeth Workman

Brooklyn Coptics
Emphatic Jellyfish



Front Cover Image: Urso de Carnival (Carnival Bear), 1998, by Gildo da Silva Oliveria.

Back Cover Image and Frontispiece: Flarf Bambi (Torpedo Raja), 2012, by Brandon Downing (details).