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The Golden Age of Paraphernalia
Kevin Davies

ISBN 13: 978-1-890311-28-5

142 pgs, Cover by Benjamin Friedlander

$12.50 direct from Aerial/Edge, & free shipping!

from "Lateral Argument"

Not all fruit trees hate you --

just this one.

Freud once attempted to purchase Mexico.

Darwin feared meteors and their connection to lichen.

Mathew Arnold hated ducks, just hated 'em.

Martin Frobisher cooked and ate an entire cabin boy.

Jack Spicer

invented the clap-on clap-off lamp.

Fatty Arbunkle faked his own death and ended up running a go-cart

        track in Alabama.


        lost his nose

in a practical joke gone very wrong.

Backing slowly away from the bear, not looking

        in its eyes. Pretending to be asleep.

Ignoring the tornado. Refusing to acknowledge

        the legitimacy of the mudslide.

Not flinching -- holding steady -- when the toaster

        falls into the bath. Glancing back, turning to salt, and not

caring. Driving blindfolded on acid in the 70s.

        Arguing for a lower grade. Pulling the thigh

hairs of the opposing power forward.

        A small gully, with a few boards, can be home

for a while. Bowing inapproapriately, standing up

        at the wrong time, an accidental snort. Now you are ready.

It isn't what anyone needs or wants. This music

        includes recordings made out Trade Center windows.

Plato libeled Gorgias to advance his own protofascist

        agenda. Those clicking sounds. An unexpectedly

depressing millenium, a real letdown after

the frisky ad campaign.