Long Term Raisin
Ryan Walker
ISBN 978-1-890311-37-7

72 pgs, Cover photo by kathryn l. pringle

$12.00 direct from Aerial/Edge

from Long Term Raisin

nice isthmus
finally I clot
I think “tent”
I drink more coffee

against geological time

there is this overhead of normalcy

I tried automatic sleeping
in a bubble pack
sometimes we listen to music

sometimes not

you’re done with the assignment

and belong to the same tribe
I ordered a new staff
so that no one is any worse off

the leaves repeat

the trees sparkle in the medium-

breathy woods
the beams of sound
reach me from the swaying cars

b/c we think we’re dignified and we created the trees.

I can’t complain. as the cars
trundle along like examples,
no physics. some guy dressed

as a leather bound book. a red

bird sits in a field, like a duck
in a still pond.
I feel alienated. I forgot to bring

snacks. the woods personified.

I know I’m conceited
but I fired myself. we don’t speak.
we’re polite. but we should draw inferences.

there’s time. cognizant of minutia
we began to party. shadows prattled
in the vanishing interest.
uranus schlitz
or the fiord jarts
I write you as well.
the jump is light
a vague hour, the light
there wiggled
you could hear the projector
sitting on the streets
I had to bark.
the old decade hung up
my alibi was a score
the day slid out of its weather
playing little league

a temple carried off
he could list the clowns
in order of height
tho many would huddle in jellied equipose

a little outside

amped for school

shows are great

I bought sticks
acting like drama students
it was a toughened piece of skin

solicitous meaning its opposite

sad sport.

there was some computerized decoy decor

on the computer
apropos pissed off dew, isosceles rhinoceros

the pulp stats

one way to die is to live your whole life