Dan Gutstein
ISBN: 978-1-890311-25-4
142 pages, Cover by Martin Gutstein

Design by Justin Sirois



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Having conjured up that particular mix of will, heartwreck, and sheer wonder that makes for a large part of the human condition, Gutstein presents it to us through the nuance-rippled glass of his unique vision—a vision at once powerful, canny, restless, and sweeping—in sentences that make of muscularity a haunting new music. Deadpan poignancy and a fable-like resonance to these ‘non-fictions’—a striking debut. —Carl Phillips

In his stirring collection, non/fiction, Dan Gutstein has perfected the short-short form, what Irving Howe calls, “…a moment rendered in its wink of immediacy.” These stories combine the compression of poetry and the insistent narrative line of fiction in just enough space for you to inhale, hold your breath and then find it again … just before it’s taken away. Read this haunting and witty book. You will be nourished; you will be comforted; you will be unsettled; you will laugh out loud.

          —Faye Moskowitz

Dan Gutstein is one of the most dangerous writers operating in America today. He bends form, bends language, and bends your ear, making non/fiction a book that poets and prosers, alike, can celebrate. May it become the Gold Standard for multi-genre writing.

          —Kevin Moffett