Tom Raworth
with drawings by Barry Hall
ISBN 1-890311-09-X
104 pgs, 2001

$12.00 direct from Aerial/Edge

Ace, complete! This reprint of one of Raworth's most well-received works includes "Bolivia: Another End of Ace," as well as drawings by Barry Hall only seen in the very limited British edition. In the early 1970s Ted Berrigan wrote of him: "When I read the best of Tom Raworth's poems, I feel proud. They are a human accomplishment, a poet's." Raworth is the author of over 40 books including Meadow, Clean & Well Lit: Selected Poems 1987-1995, Eternal Sections , and The Relation Ship . Of his selected early poems, Tottering State, Lyn Hejinian has written "These are among the greatest writings of our times."

from Ace

new face
from my home
what do you think
i'll voice out
of the news
alive and in love
another hole
near the edge
of the label and
play it
from there
with a light
bless you brother
til the energy
gaps again
let light
history think
leaves some thing
like a bomb
relief again
to sail