Aerial #8
Barrett Watten

(Contemporary Poetics as Critical Theory)
ISBN 13: 978-0-9619097-4-1
ISBN 0-961097-4-9

Edited by Rod Smith
304 pages, Cover by Amy Trachtenberg


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"Barrett Watten has challenged and vanquished every single petrified idea about what it means to be a poet in modern times."  --Andrew Ross

A special issue on one of today's most influential and controversial poet/theorists. Barrett Watten's thought and writing catalyzed the moment known as language writing that informs the political and aesthetic consciousness of many contemporary artists & thinkers. In interview, verse, critique, and autobiography, Watten is examined in the midst of the continuing meditation, protest, and conversions of our social clamor.


Barrett Watten, Manuel Brito, Norman Fischer, Ron Day, Kit Robinson, Viktor Shklovsky, Jack Spicer, Jackson Mac Low, Bob Perelman, Ron Silliman, Alan Davies, Carla Harryman, Andrew Ross, Jerry Estrin, Leslie Scalapino, Joseph Conte, Daniel Davidson, Allen Fisher, George Tysh, Bruce Andrews, Steve Benson, Michael Davidson, Peter Baker, Daniel Barbiero, Bruce Campbell

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