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Aerial 10: Lyn Hejinian

Edited by Rod Smith & Jen Hofer.

ISBN: 978-1-890311-32-2

464 pgs, cover art by Tom Raworth



$28.00 direct from Aerial/Edge.

A career-spanning multi-genre compendium of work by and about poet Lyn Hejinian, one of today's most celebrated and influential avant-gardists. Through a variety of approaches —philosophical, scholarly, and experimental—Aerial 10 documents and explores her forty-plus years of poetic and theoretical writings. Its 464 pages include poetry, essays, interviews, collaborations, and letters by Hejinian, as well as essays, poetry, and memoir by contemporary poets and critics.



Preface - Rod Smith

Introduction - Jen Hofer

from The Book of a Thousand Eyes - Lyn Hejinian

An Interview with Lyn Hejinian - Rae Armantrout

17 Uncollected Poems, 1978–1983 - Lyn Hejinian

The Orders of Interruption - Lyn Hejinian

10 Letters, 1976–1994 - Lyn Hejinian

Lyn Hejinian’s Poetics of the Middle - Carla Billitteri

Numerousness and Its Discontents: George Oppen and Lyn Hejinian - Peter Nicholls

Writing Is an Aid to Memory - Laura Moriarty

Rules and Restraints in Women’s Experimental Writing - Carla Harryman

Without Rift: Re/Vision in Lyn Hejinian’s My Life - Ron Silliman

Lights That Were Visible - Gerhard Schultz

The Beginning of the Making of The Cell - Kit Robinson

Lyn Hejinian—Intention, Selection, and Fantastic Philosophy - Patrick Durgin

Strange Borders, Double Vision: Oxota as a Work of Trans-iteration - Kate Fagan

Hejinian’s Ethics - Barrett Watten

Something I’m Dying to Tell You, Lyn - Jalal Toufic

Beginnings and Endings: LYN HEJINIAN STEIN THING - Kevin Killian

The Value of Getting There Slowly - Pamela Lu

A Form of Lingering - Rosmarie Waldrop

On Solitude and Writing: A Memoir of Working with Lyn Hejinian - Katy Lederer

Face/ - Lisa Robertson

Instances of Optimism in Hejinian’s The Fatalist - Jean Day

I Will Write Two Lines - Anne Tardos and Lyn Hejinian

Thinking and Being / Conversion in the Language of Happily & A Border Comedy - Leslie Scalapino

Figuring Out - Lyn Hejinian

from The Unfollowing - Lyn Hejinian

An Interview - Lyn Hejinian and Jack Collom

Between bibetgekess and ‘but ...’: Lyn Hejinian’s The Book of a Thousand Eyes - Tim Wood

Lyn Hejinian: A Bibliography

Tuumba Press: A Bibliography

The Atelos Publishing Project: A Bibliography