American Whatever
Tim Davis
ISBN 1-890311-17-0

80 pgs, Cover by Lisa Sanditz


$12.00 direct from Aerial/Edge

Tim Davis's idea factory is open 24-7, tossing out paint chips in whatever colour you want, as long as it's frosted cocktail cherry. Like Andy Kaufman slapping Ron Silliman in one of Joe Brainard's "Nancy" cartoons. Is hair tonic really 40% proof? Only your bartender knows for sure.

--Miles Champion

Tim Davis is, egregiously, haplessly, everything many of us want to be: a person who looked up the word "Flonase" in Ambrose Bierce's dictionary and found a drypoint of his impertinent navel smiling back at him. Perhaps that's where he got the wonderful Robespierrian idea of reinventing the calendar--Joseph Ceravolo famously thought a university course should be taught on the seasons, and while we don't know how much serotonin is needed to make "endofmeday" anything less than wonderful, I know I'm sprinting home to rummage through my hope chest to discover which quarter of the Gregorian piechart--Terpischore, perhaps?--"The Missing Month belongs. This American Whatever is the shrapnel of life in sui generous sentences.

--Brian Kim Stefans