the beginning of beatutyof

The Beginning of Beauty, Part I: hottest new ringtones, mnichol6
Mel Nichols
ISBN: 1-890311-04-9
ISBN 13: 978-1-890311-04-9
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other people’s other people’s dreams

keep horses in shag carpet

with only ghost white panties

the blue field she is wearing

of broken windshield glass

punched and circus-shaped

white monsters of other people’s

other peoples’ dreams’ red auras’

caution girls on the hills oh

every sentence has a number nearby

city of scars unscrambled like her other stars

how clear of you the elusive smell of violets seeing

the same pale cobalt doesn’t always fit that

how clear it was that point of you most of us

don’t know much without veins and oxygen

and everything else is beginning and regal

outside sun bring my arm to my face

a boy walks through like walking

buoyed by sky

and the earth of the stones


one can change the unreal sky