Heather Fuller

ISBN 13: 978-1-890311-12-4
ISBN 1-890311-12-X

96 pgs, Cover by Gerald Fuller

Cover design by Kaia Sand


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retro fit

in the broken windows theory--theory of houses--I dwelled
meeting the disco visionaries and cop pastoral in the very
that passes for theory--a man still has to gather his prescription
drugs scattered on the bus floor alone--and busted for uppers
pink dreams on the K-9 wagon where what passes for funk I've
been known to fashion a disaster--knowing at least for 30 seconals
of hipness--mistaking telegenic candidates for strange police
factions--PSAs for broken windows--and women outpacing
men in semiautomatic sales--an increase in decreases in subsets
of wounded and the sunburned cereal box resumes its steroid story--
when all along the cosmonauts were getting away losing track of
control locus--of commodities larger than credit rating in the sugar
water cold war left out for pests--the TV hr stretched into a decade
I don't have a typical day to take down the bad guy--some do
the job themselves--they gorge--drown