Haze: Essays, Poems, Prose
Mark Wallace

ISBN 13: 978-1-890311-15-5
ISBN: 1-890311-15-4

104 pgs, Cover by Holly Bressler

$12.50 direct from Aerial/Edge

This new collection of poems, essays, and divigations might be the essential Mark Wallace to date. Always the supreme contrastoic, Wallace gets us to somehow bear it all the better. The strange world of literature is not only astutely observed, but transfigured, page by page. Here's hilarity ripped from the jaws of social dissolution. Here's that rare combination of reliable unreliability coupled with an infernal persistence as regards the boildown of Culture--what is it?

--Rodrigo Toscano

Marvelous! A book that thinks! and that speaks out plainly and politically. In this collection of short essays, poems, and various hybrid genres, Mark Wallace takes poetry seriously--and often in the most tongue-in-cheek way, but below the quick wit is a belief in and love of language and the art it can make. Wallace has made that art here. "If poetry is, as I believe, the art that allows people access to their own complexity..." he writes, and goes on from there to show what can happen in a world where this is true. It's news.

--Cole Swensen