Kaia Sand

ISBN 13: 978-1-890311-14-8
ISBN 1-890311-14-6

80 pgs, Cover by Holly Bressler

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Kaia Sand's interval establishes the "hunger throated sound" of a language in the act of interrogating its moment. Hers is an unflinching and thrillingly political practice, anchored to the "undertow of conversation(s)" having to do with "rolling blackouts," "free-market water," "imperialism" and the question of "how to live in the this field of human adjustments." Sand is a necessary poet, and bracingly new.

--Carolyn Forché

So shaken to alertness you will be by this collected splendor you will tread more mindfully across "the florid calm" and "themepark america" and learn to heed the wages of inertia. You will lose sleep, for everything full of love makes attentiveness all the more dear. And you will want more, for the recognition of a generations-long absence is the language of interval. This work is a love of possibility and the humanity that goes there, with the collectively-driven conviction "it is now we must begin / to gather." Read this book for its evocation of the sublime in the face of the populace's raw complacency telescoped and intercepted, and do follow the ample instructions: "holler away our do-not-disturb quietude."

--Heather Fuller