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Six Poems, Fascicle

In Memory D. Thompson


  Marijuana Soft Drink
  Buck Downs

  ISBN 13: 978-1-890311-02-5
  ISBN 1-890311-02-2

  72 pgs, Cover by the author


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worth is the story of the val
ue    of money & women

       staff that
       three o clock
       pop to cut
       that duke's    that starch
       that business & gravy
       & make the presentation
       make the presentation
       & you can't get
       your shit together
       you bring it in
       dividu  ly
              & most sex
           problems are just money
                 problems in disguise

that's just about it    just about
how just about all problems come
down to being a money
       & you might think
that that's not right
but that ain't nothing
but a money problem