perhaps this is a rescue fantasy
Heather Fuller

ISBN 13: 978-1-890311-00-1
ISBN 1-890311-00-6

76 pgs, Cover artist unknown


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Heather Fuller's lines are 'moves' being made, as if in her peripheral vision where everything's happening. Her 'moves' are in this periphery 'on their own': "I saw Graceland in the narrow of a morning." The poems start out before we read them; or as if simultaneous, to one side of us -- "I watch for entering words / never running away but into Out." One has the sense of the reader being the speaker who at once does not know, hasn't preformed, what is being said (and what is going to be). The writing is "the cut and joining when you are speaker and not knowing."
--Leslie Scalapino

For Heather Fuller enjamb north-south-street-lettres smarts in narralyrical riff space full of humor & attention & rage. "I don't fuck pronouns and no visits from scribes," she writes. That is, "Dear Formalist...woman arrested for lying under sculpture...the sculpture Fish Out of Water." Meanwhile, "I make love in the most irrelevant places." That is, "Please ask to be reseated if you think you lack the strength" for this rescue fantasy.
--Joan Retallack