The Sense Record and other poems
Jennifer Moxley

ISBN 13: 978-1-890311-13-1
ISBN 1-890311-13-8

96 pgs, Cover by Monique van Genderen

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Jennifer Moxley's first book of poems, IMAGINATION VERSES, won praise from an astonishing array of contemporary poets, from John Ashbery to Bob Perelman, and signaled her emergence as one of the most intense, original and attentive writers of her generation. Moxley's second full-length collection, THE SENSE RECORD AND OTHER POEMS, takes that earlier style even deeper into the thickets of thought. Uncovering radical similarities between a modular, Oppen-like concentration and 19th century late-Rococo abstraction, THE SENSE RECORD is everywhere obsessed with the problem of dividing and reconciling aesthetic form(s). Some will find ravishing confessions in this book, but others will find a philosophy of art. --Small Press Distribution


from "The Sense Record"

Le ciel est de cuivre
Sans lueur aucune.
On croirait voir vivre
Et mourir la lune.


Under the threat of another light downpour
Eros, soaked by the rain-water,
spoke to the sentient flowers.
Sadness, no longer extraneous,
began the derangement of nerve,
bypassed the bleeding heart
to pierce the blood-brain barrier.
This all en route to the two-car garage.
I was worn with the labor that augurs despair,
life in the futile percentile, when past
my squeamish eyelash, buffeted by scallops
of small will, the slightest fairy brushed.
My rubber soles comformed to the stones
as I followed and spied the backyard starlet
allongée on an orange blossom, delicate
beside the drinking bees, blithe amidst
sharp blades of grass, a rain-drop seductress
entertaining ants on the folding lip
of a pinkster leaf.