Lyn Hejinian & Leslie Scalapino

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ISBN 1-890311-06-5

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from Sight

The waking images (of information) are, I think, learned

The features of those images (through which we gain access) are augmented (taught) until they are capable of accelerating orientation -- our orientation toward experience

So when I want to know what a dog (let's say) is like, I open the comic book, in which the paw of a languid long dog is pressed against the frame keeping the dog from us (our part), its fixed seething tongue epitomizing a gooseneck reading lamp dramatically stereotyped over a cluster of observations

We want to know the power of this on our part -- an externally directed (turned on) action drawn like a blind (insight) inside the space made for it by the boundless blue winter sun which is unparted, "like that of a train in the distance," its light flashing (after all) into the part

(At a bushy crossing, toward dark)

With a figure darting to the right (our eyes follow) and then, as if adjusting to signalled information, hurrying instead to the left

We all participate in this, receiving visual education      (LH)

I walked in a grey cool path (persimmons hung at the end that's a cool grey light channel; it was an elating but clear, within one, stream above flowing on the street). The persimmons seeming heavy within it; they startled me because I came up to and finding them.

A flitting moth-person flaps in the black air and in the blue, separating, seeming to ruffle, coming up to the dinner table and beginning to wolf food.

It runs up and is outside. That's just alive, barely. Whether one's squinting and without glasses seeing it, one sees in the close range

     the animals' eyes sailing on the black their being in it. But the figures'

     and the animals' eyes sail (at) when clear blue too.

     One's physical being is elating there      (LS)