Zero Star Hotel
Anselm Berrigan

ISBN 13: 978-1-890311-11-7
ISBN 1-890311-11-1

112 pgs, Cover by Emilie Clark

$14.00 direct from Aerial/Edge

A wonderful book and a big, huge quantum leap for Anselm Berrigan, whose previous work I have also enjoyed, but this book is really something different, it gives you the passionate can't-put-it-down experience of reading a great novel, and technically it's so assured you don't even notice how he, Anselm, is producing all his effects. The hero of "Zero Star Hotel" goes on a mythic quest; the story's told very simply, with lots of gritty detail and an attention to surfaces and realities that grabs your interest and won't let go. I can't speak highly enough about "Zero Star Hotel" but in the words of Paula Abdul, Anselm, you have raised the bar for all of us, you're my American idol now.

--Kevin Killian


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